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Questions For A Realtor Before Listing Your Home

So, you’re thinking of selling your home and you’re not sure where to start?  It occurred to me the other day that, while this isn’t a thought that would enter my mind since I’m in the business, it’s probably something that enters the mind of sellers fairly often.   Whether you’re in Florida or Alaska, […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Listings in Orange Park

Looking for luxury real estate in Orange Park?  Look no further… For a more descriptive text on the area visit the Orange Park Real Estate page. Luxury Real Estate in Orange Park: Originally posted 2012-10-31 07:49:22.

What is a CDD fee?

This is usually the first question I get from a buyer who is looking at newer construction, somewhere like Durbin Crossing in the Julington Creek area.  If you go onto wikipedia.com and type in CDD, CDD fee, or any assortment thereof – it doesn’t show much of anything in the form of an answer.  So, […]

Sun-Ray Cinema, Riverside – Jacksonville FL

When I decided to move from the wee capital of Florida–you know, the capital that no one remembers–to the terrifyingly massive city that is Jacksonville, all I saw was the Jacksonville skyline: pinpricks of light, fifty bridges, and a whole lot of buildings. Jacksonville, Florida wasn’t the city for anyone quiet or low-key.  It was […]

Closing Checklist For Buyers

Once buyer and seller come to terms on the standard issues of a contract (price, closing date, concessions, warranties, etc.) it’s time to clear any outstanding contingencies and move into escrow (In other words, wait on the lender to finish underwriting your loan)… Home Inspection: Must typically be completed within 10 calendar days of offer acceptance.  If […]

How to Buy a House in Florida

  7 Tips to “Hacking” the Buying Process   Tip One Educate yourself on the mortgage application process A stitch in time saves nine.  Or maybe you prefer Abraham Lincoln’s, If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax.   Point being, don’t wait until you’re ready […]