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What Should you Know about Selling a Home Occupied by a Tenant

So you’re thinking about selling a property that is tenant occupied?  After going through a few dozen of these transactions I’ve developed an approach that hopefully will save you time, money and sleepless nights! For starters, put yourself in the tenant’s shoes.  You’re paying rent, keeping the home clean, minding your own business, and all […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Inspector

When hiring any professional it’s important to ask pertinent questions regarding their level of expertise, knowledge, and cost.   Hiring a home inspector is no different and by asking these questions you’ll be in a better position to make an informed decision.  After all, hiring a home inspector can be an important investment when buying or […]

What is the Average Number of Showings Before a Home Sells?

Often, sellers want to know how long it will take before their home sells. It’s hard to define an average number of showings necessary to get a home sold. Since every home is different and many real estate agents take different approaches to selling homes, there are too many variables to really come up with […]

Top Wineries Found Near Jacksonville, Florida

Wineries are popping up all over the country. Just as the craft beer industry has exploded, so has the craft wine industry. Jacksonville may not provide many wineries, but those found nearby are quite exquisite. Here’s a look at the top wineries found near Jacksonville, Florida. San Sebastian Winery – 50 minutes – 157 King […]

Riverside Arts Market | Jacksonville FL

There’s a specific event in Jacksonville that everyone living here has to go to at least once or twice, okay maybe 5 times.  It’s a place well known among the locals. I’m talking about the Riverside Arts Market. This is a place filled with local vendors, local food carts, local music, and places to buy […]