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Closing Checklist For Buyers

Once buyer and seller come to terms on the standard issues of a contract (price, closing date, concessions, warranties, etc.) it’s time to clear any outstanding contingencies and move into escrow (In other words, wait on the lender to finish underwriting your loan)… Home Inspection: Must typically be completed within 10 calendar days of offer acceptance.  If […]

Riverside Arts Market | Jacksonville FL

There’s a specific event in Jacksonville that everyone living here has to go to at least once or twice, okay maybe 5 times.  It’s a place well known among the locals. I’m talking about the Riverside Arts Market. This is a place filled with local vendors, local food carts, local music, and places to buy […]

Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Everyone loves a good checklist.  Which is why you’re going to want to print out JEA’s Home Energy and Water Efficiency Resource Investment Curve Planner.  That’s a long name for what is basically a “save money checklist.” I picked this up from JEA’s Customer Conservation and Efficiency Manager.  We’re now fellow members on the E-Council, which is a group […]

The Most Valuable Smart Home Add-ons

Smart home technology is all the rage these days.  There are typically two ends of the spectrum when it comes to these “toys.”  Those who try to automate every area of their life, and those who are still trying to figure out their smartphone.  Somewhere in the middle lies a healthy balance.  I consider most […]

What is the Average Number of Showings Before a Home Sells?

Often, sellers want to know how long it will take before their home sells. It’s hard to define an average number of showings necessary to get a home sold. Since every home is different and many real estate agents take different approaches to selling homes, there are too many variables to really come up with […]

When to do a Home Inspection?

Most real estate negotiations begin with an offer from a buyer who has limited knowledge of the condition of the house. When buying a home, you will have an inspection done – usually after you’ve agreed to price & terms with the owner. This is a problem!