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Which Tapas Restaurants are the Best in Jacksonville, Florida?

Tapas restaurants provide a very popular type of dining featuring small plates. Whether you just have a smaller appetite or you prefer to sample many dishes in one sitting, there are several great tapas restaurants found in Jacksonville. Here’s a quick look at the top choices for near Jacksonville for tapas. The Grotto Wine & […]

A Day at the Beach…

If you’re looking for a good way to spend a Saturday/Sunday afternoon… this is it!  While taking multiple pictures with my iPhone made me look a bit odd, and was a mild annoyance to my wife and friends, I hope it will give you out-of-towners an idea for what Jax Beach is like on a […]

7 Home Upgrades That Are Worth The Investment

It’s a brand new year, and the perfect time to start new home improvements. Whether you’re looking to place your house on the market or just want to incorporate some new upgrades for your own comfort, it’s important to pick projects that will have biggest return when the time comes to sell your home. Many […]

Top Annual Holiday Events Held in Jacksonville, Florida

The holidays bring plenty of joy, fun, and events. From company holiday parties to parades, there’s always something going on during the holidays. It starts with Halloween and runs all of the way through the New Year. Here are some of the top annual holiday events found throughout the Jacksonville, Florida area. Spooktacular One of […]

What Should you Know about Selling a Home Occupied by a Tenant

So you’re thinking about selling a property that is tenant occupied?  After going through a few dozen of these transactions I’ve developed an approach that hopefully will save you time, money and sleepless nights! For starters, put yourself in the tenant’s shoes.  You’re paying rent, keeping the home clean, minding your own business, and all […]

Restaurant Spotlight: 904 Restaurant

A farm-to-table restaurant found in Jacksonville Beach, 904 Restaurant provides a quaint feel with an open kitchen. It’s a bit of a hidden gem found just minutes from the beach. Whether you’re looking for a good spot for a date or you want to go out with friends, 904 Restaurant should be at the top […]