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Top Boat Tours and Attractions Found Near Jacksonville, FL

Taking a tour on the water is a great way to see many areas of Jacksonville. Whether you prefer a tour in kayaks or you’d rather enjoy time on a casino cruise, there’s an option for you. Here’s a look at some of the top choices for your boat tour near Jacksonville, FL. Now and […]

What happens if my appraisal comes in low?

Whether you’re buying, selling, or a real estate agent trapped in the middle of an appraisal debacle – this article is intended to help you navigate the process of getting  a lift in value for your low appraisal! One of the more frustrating events that can happen in a real estate deal or home refinance […]

What Should you Know about Selling a Home Occupied by a Tenant

So you’re thinking about selling a property that is tenant occupied?  After going through a few dozen of these transactions I’ve developed an approach that hopefully will save you time, money and sleepless nights! For starters, put yourself in the tenant’s shoes.  You’re paying rent, keeping the home clean, minding your own business, and all […]

Things to consider before buying a short sale or foreclosure

THE BASICS What is a Short Sale? When a seller owes more on a home than it is worth (i.e. what a buyer is willing to pay), and tries to sell the home by asking their lender to take less than they are owed.  This is a short sale.  The word “short” in “short sale” […]

Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Everyone loves a good checklist.  Which is why you’re going to want to print out JEA’s Home Energy and Water Efficiency Resource Investment Curve Planner.  That’s a long name for what is basically a “save money checklist.” I picked this up from JEA’s Customer Conservation and Efficiency Manager.  We’re now fellow members on the E-Council, which is a group […]