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Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Everyone loves a good checklist.  Which is why you’re going to want to print out JEA’s Home Energy and Water Efficiency Resource Investment Curve Planner.  That’s a long name for what is basically a “save money checklist.” I picked this up from JEA’s Customer Conservation and Efficiency Manager.  We’re now fellow members on the E-Council, which is a group […]

What Should both the Seller and the Buyer Know about the Closing?

After you go through the process of choosing the right home, making an offer and getting the offer accepted, you will find yourself at a closing. This can be stressful, if you don’t understand what to expect. The closing is a bit different for the buyer and seller. There some things you should expect and […]

How much does a home inspection cost?

Since the normal protocol in a real estate deal is to get a home inspection (and WDO inspection) done after the deal has been struck, this is a fair question.  How much does a home inspection cost?  As is the case with most of the answers I give in the real estate business.  It depends. […]

Where to go to see Christmas lights in Jacksonville, FL

Some of these I’ve seen and some were gathered while trying to find a new spot to check out this year with my wife… 1) Atlantic Beach Have not seen these personally, but have several friends who were impressed! View Larger Map 2) East Arlington – Off of Girvin Rd. between Atlantic and Wonderwood Have […]

When It’s Not Right To Price It Right

The real estate pricing strategy that your Realtor isn’t going to tell you about. I recently read an article about the 14 steps to selling a home super fast.  While there was some good general advice, it didn’t give any nitty gritty detail about how to set the price.  So, I thought I’d do just […]

Best First Time Homebuyer Neighborhoods

Thinking of buying your first home?  It’s a big decision no doubt.  And the reasons for doing so can be many and varied.  Maybe it’s financial, personal, or even emotional…  Nevertheless, you want to make an informed, well thought out decision.  Sometimes our best intentions don’t do the job though.  Not a month goes by […]