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Picking the Right Neighborhood | Jacksonville FL

Location, location, location…  The oldest and most prominent real estate adage.  Even if you’ve never owned real estate you’ve probably both heard and understand the concept. The value of a property is largely based on it’s convenience to local markets, shopping and amenities.  So how do you go about picking the perfect location? A few […]

Which Jacksonville Hotels are Perfect for the Family?

During the holiday season and other times of the year, you may have family coming to visit. Whether they are coming to enjoy a vacation at the beach or visit for Christmas, the right hotel makes a big difference. Here’s a look at the top family-friendly hotels throughout the Jacksonville area. One Ocean Resort – […]

How much does a home inspection cost?

Since the normal protocol in a real estate deal is to get a home inspection (and WDO inspection) done after the deal has been struck, this is a fair question.  How much does a home inspection cost?  As is the case with most of the answers I give in the real estate business.  It depends. […]

Community Loaves | Murray Hill | Jacksonville, FL

Written by: Amanda Gibson Photography by: Morgan Burden Bread and butter, or bread and olive oil. So simple, yet somehow we keep messing it up. By messing it up, I mean you’re grabbing it off of shelves where the fluorescent lights blind you and you can’t even see that you’re buying heavily processed ingredients. I’m […]

What’s it Really Like to Live in Jacksonville, Florida?

Jacksonville, Florida is known as a laid back community with a relaxed vibe. It’s the largest city based on land mass in the United States and one of the largest based on population. If you’re considering moving to Jacksonville, you probably want to know what it’s really like living here. When you first arrive, you […]