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When It’s Not Right To Price It Right

The real estate pricing strategy that your Realtor isn’t going to tell you about. I recently read an article about the 14 steps to selling a home super fast.  While there was some good general advice, it didn’t give any nitty gritty detail about how to set the price.  So, I thought I’d do just […]

Best First Time Homebuyer Neighborhoods

Thinking of buying your first home?  It’s a big decision no doubt.  And the reasons for doing so can be many and varied.  Maybe it’s financial, personal, or even emotional…  Nevertheless, you want to make an informed, well thought out decision.  Sometimes our best intentions don’t do the job though.  Not a month goes by […]

15 Excellent Sights & Landmarks to Enjoy in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida is a beautiful city known for large parks, beaches and, of course, the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, the city has far more to offer residents and visitors. Here’s a look at 15 of the top sights and landmarks found within the city. Friendship Fountain Found on the west end of the Southbank Riverwalk, Friendship […]

How to Purchase Investment Real Estate

Everyone wants to get rich buying and selling real estate right?  From late night infomercials to $1,000 online classes, there is no shortage of gurus wanting to cash in on this hunger for easy money. My personal experience is that making money in real estate is neither quick nor easy.  However, with a willingness to […]

When to do a Home Inspection?

Most real estate negotiations begin with an offer from a buyer who has limited knowledge of the condition of the house. When buying a home, you will have an inspection done – usually after you’ve agreed to price & terms with the owner. This is a problem!

Zillow Valuation | Fact or Fiction

Zillow is cool. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m out bashing Zillow for some reason… I think Zillow is a great product offering to those in the market for a home.  They’ve clearly been successful at providing buyers the necessary online tools for doing research, comparing neighborhoods, etc.  However, too often I hear […]