How to Reduce Your Real Estate Taxes in Jacksonville, FL

Because the process for contesting your tax assessed value can be a bit confusing.  Here are a few thoughts to help point you in the right direction.

4 steps for getting your real estate taxes lowered in Duval County:

  1. Let somebody else do it!  Yes, there is actually a company who’s sole purpose in business is to reduce an owner’s real estate taxes in the state of Florida (Property Tax Professionals).  However, this service is obviously not free and probably won’t make a whole lot of sense unless you stand to save tens of thousands of dollars a year.  So, that takes us to step 2… :)
  2. Establish a discrepancy.  I wouldn’t just file the petition for kicks, because the filing fee is non-refundable.  So, how will you know that you’re being taxed too much?  You’ll probably notice a neighbors home selling for significantly less than yours (assuming they’re similar).  Or, you can check your homes value online and then contact a Jacksonville real estate agent to provide you with a market analysis.
  3. Know when to act.  You should have received your notice of proposed taxes in the mail recently.  There should also have been instructions on what to do to contest the valuation that the assessor has placed on the property.  You can either contact the property appraisers office, or fill out the appropriate forms (below) and mail or physically deliver them to the address shown here.  The deadline is September 15, 2014.
  4. Complete All Paperwork.  The petition form is at the bottom of this post.  Make sure that you’ve filled everything out completely and properly.  Additionally, you have the option of presenting in person.  So, having an organized “case” for why your taxes should be reduced is a must.  I would include comparable sales that are within 12 months and similar to your home.  Pictures of both your home and these comparable properties will be necessary as well when you make your presentation to the special magistrate.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to click-to-call from the web or send me an email.



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