Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Everyone loves a good checklist. 

Which is why you’re going to want to print out JEA’s Home Energy and Water Efficiency Resource Investment Curve Planner.  That’s a long name for what is basically a “save money checklist.”

I picked this up from JEA’s Customer Conservation and Efficiency Manager.  We’re now fellow members on the E-Council, which is a group within the Northeast Florida Builders Association.  The E-Council’s mission is to, “educate both industry professionals and community members about efficient, sustainable building and remodeling practices so that projects are both economically and environmentally better for our community.”

Download (PDF, 53KB)

And, in case you were wondering.  

“E-Council” does not stand for the…

  • Ear Council

  • Egg Council


  • Earnhardt Jr. Council

The “E” is for “Energy.”