What is the best school district in Jacksonville?

For starters, this is just my opinion.  Gathered from conversations with parents, having friends who attended different Jacksonville schools, and reading reviews/ratings on various websites.  And this post isn’t necessarily intended for a Jacksonville native.  More so for you who are moving from out of town and looking to get a general “lay of the land.”  Hopefully the links provided will be of some benefit as you begin researching different areas and schools online.

Also, I realize that there is some level of endowment effect that takes place when you (or your son/daughter/cousin/nephew) have a connection to a particular school.  Which is why I linked 3rd party sources for reviews/ratings – even though those are just someone else’s opinion :)  And since we’re looking at school districts, this does not include private schools (or prep schools – i.e. Stanton, Paxon, etc.), since anyone can attend a private school regardless of where you live.  This does not include St Johns County schools (maybe we’ll check it out another time!) either.

Here is a cool tool I found for getting the school information you’re looking for quick and easy.

Moving right along…

Since I’m in real estate one of the overriding factors for picking one school district over another is the appeal of the surrounding neighborhoods and amenities.  And I’m sure if you’re moving to town this will play a role as well.

For today we’ll focus on high schools only.  It would get a bit confusing to try and include elementary and middle schools as there are many more elementary schools than there are high schools.  You can actually check to see what school district a particular address is in by clicking here.  That being said, here’s the list:

1) Mandarin High School

>>>  Mandarin Test Scores

>>>  Mandarin Ratings

>>>  Mandarin Homes For Sale

 2) Fletcher High School

>>>  Fletcher Test Scores

>>>  Fletcher ratings

>>>  Jacksonville Beach Homes For Sale, Neptune Beach Homes For Sale, Atlantic Beach Homes For Sale

3) Atlantic Coast High School

>>>  Atlantic Coast Test Scores

>>>  Atlantic Coast Ratings

>>>  Homes for sale in Baymeadows, ICW S of JTB Homes For Sale

If you’re looking to compare income/education/employment date for any of the above areas try out zipskinny.com.  It’s not the prettiest user-interface but it’s filled with relevant data.

Agree/Disagree??  Would love to hear your opinion…  If you have questions about moving to (or selling your current home) any of these Jacksonville neighborhoods feel free to click-to-call from the web or drop a note in the contact form on the right.

’til next time!