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Nocatee Residents Get Free Membership


Thinking about buying a home in Nocatee? There are a few things you should know. With the exception of Walden Chase, the other Nocatee neighborhoods have a CDD fee.   This does give the other neighborhoods access to the amenities … Continue reading

The Ultimate Jacksonville Florida Relocation Guide

Jax Relocation Guide

So you want to move to Jacksonville? But, as with any relocation process, you feel like a human in a bug’s world—you don’t recognize any faces, some great threat hides around every wrong turn, you’re unsure of the neighborhood etiquette, … Continue reading

The Best Place in Jax for Coffee

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Coffee shops, in my opinion, are the new golf course for business.  While I would love to block off 4 hours on a regular weekly basis to go chat real estate while working on my short game, it just seems … Continue reading

What is the best school district in Jacksonville?

high school classroom

Jacksonville FL Schools Rated: Let’s take a look at 3 Duval county high schools and compare test scores as well as their consumer ratings… Continue reading

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid?

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There is plenty of misinformation floating around (because I did a Google search to check) regarding how real estate agents are paid.  So, I figured, why not take a few minutes and describe how the transaction typically works. Disclaimer: Suggesting … Continue reading