Home Buying Process

What is a CDD fee?


This is usually the first question I get from a buyer who is looking at newer construction, somewhere like Durbin Crossing in the Julington Creek area.  If you go onto wikipedia.com and type in CDD, CDD fee, or any assortment thereof – it doesn’t show much of anything in the form of an answer.  So, […]

5 Steps to Picking the Right Contractor in Jacksonville Florida

hard hat

Having dealt with contractors for the last 7+ years, I’ve had both good and bad experiences. Just like any other business…  Ultimately, even if you take all necessary precautions you can’t 100% guarantee successful dealings.  It’s about trial and error! 1.) Make sure they have the proper license: http://www.coj.net/Departments/Planning+and+Development/Building+Inspection/Contractor+License+and+Complaint+Search.htm 2.) Check to see if they’re […]

Can I find out what the other offer is?

Find out what the offer is!

In today’s real estate market, this situation has become more common… Especially when dealing with foreclosures. You submit an offer, only to find out a day or two later that you are now competing against another buyer for the home. (Disclaimer: this article may not be applicable if you are somewhere other than Florida, as […]