Home Buying Process

How to Buy a Home After a Foreclosure or Short Sale

Buy a Home After a Short Sale

When you’ve gone through a foreclosure or a short sale, it may seem impossible to buy another home. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible, if you have the right strategy. Those that have lost a home to a foreclosure or have gone through a short sale, and now they are looking to buy a […]

When Should you Start Shopping for Your Mortgage as a Home Buyer?

Mortgage Approval

For most home buyers, shopping for a mortgage is necessary when buying a home. However, most first-time home buyers don’t start shopping for a mortgage early enough. Along with not shopping soon enough, many new home buyers don’t shop around for the best rate. A survey from 2013 showed that nearly half of home buyers only […]

What Should both the Seller and the Buyer Know about the Closing?

Loan Documents

After you go through the process of choosing the right home, making an offer and getting the offer accepted, you will find yourself at a closing. This can be stressful, if you don’t understand what to expect. The closing is a bit different for the buyer and seller. There some things you should expect and […]

What is a CDD fee?


This is usually the first question I get from a buyer who is looking at newer construction, somewhere like Durbin Crossing in the Julington Creek area.  If you go onto wikipedia.com and type in CDD, CDD fee, or any assortment thereof – it doesn’t show much of anything in the form of an answer.  So, […]