What Should both the Seller and the Buyer Know about the Closing?

Loan Documents

After you go through the process of choosing the right home, making an offer and getting the offer accepted, you will find yourself at a closing. This can be stressful, if you don’t understand what to expect. The closing is a bit different for the buyer and seller. There some things you should expect and […]

Attraction Spotlight: St. John’s Town Center

St. Johns Town Center View

The St. John’s Town Center is one of the most popular shopping malls found in Jacksonville. Many residents consider it to be the top choice for shopping and dining within the city. With the great location and the large number of shops, the St. Johns Town Center actually serves more than just Jacksonville. Location The St. […]

Who Provides the Best Brewery Tours in Jacksonville?

Brew Bus Jacksonville

Taking a brewery tour is a great way to celebrate or just have fun with friends. Whether you’re planning a bachelor party, a birthday celebration or just want to enjoy some of the finest breweries in Jacksonville, the right tour will make a difference. Here are a few of the best brewery tours you will […]