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Jacksonville area real estate agent since 2007. Became the broker of ERA Heavener Realty in 2011. In addition to real estate, I love traveling with my wife to cool places and thinking that I'm still relatively athletic while playing basketball.

Underground Walking Tour | Jacksonville FL

Andrew Jackson Statue - Jacksonville FL

It’s possible to get too familiar with a place and leave it largely undiscovered.  We wake up at the same time, drive the same route to work, do the same tasks, see the same people, etc.  It’s a good thing … Continue reading

How To File For Homestead Exemption in Jacksonville FL

Homestead Exemption

Before we get in to filing for your homestead exemption, we should probably answer a few quick questions. What is a homestead exemption? Most cities fund a fair portion of their governmental activities through monies raised by charging a tax … Continue reading

Solomon Ventures | Jacksonville Florida

Solomon Ventures

Last fall I took a lovely trip to Asheville, North Carolina.  While I was there, there was one place that I absolutely fell in love with.  It was called Amazing Savings.  It was a quirky grocery store with shelves filled … Continue reading

Treaty Oak Park | Jacksonville FL

Treaty Oak #1

By: Amanda Gibson Not originally being from Jacksonville, I always try to think of where I would take my out-of-town friends and family.  Not only that, but I love to ask myself the question… If I only had one more … Continue reading

Maple Street Biscuit Company | Jacksonville FL

Maple Street #3

By: Morgan Burden   San Marco is the home of  the widely known Metro Diner which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  The diverse dining district of this quaint neighborhood holds yet another gem that is quickly gaining attention.  Maple … Continue reading