What is 904Living?

Good question.  If you’re coming to the site for the first time, or are from somewhere other than Jacksonville, this probably looks like an odd title for a website.  In short, 904 is the area code that covers Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach.  Rather than rattling off each area served, 904 says it all in only 3 digits!

Beyond that, 904Living.com is powered by the team at ERA Heavener Realty and is focused on helping you, whether selling, buying, or looking for property management, simplify your real estate transactions with smart, hassle-free solutions!  If you’re buying we provide you with the best online tools for researching homes, neighborhoods, schools, crime, shopping, and mortgage options.  If selling, giving you cutting edge tools for the marketing of the property along with a pre-planned, proven strategy that we will custom fit to your situation.


Most of the posts (blog and otherwise) will come from me :-D Jeff Riber.  I am a self-proclaimed Internet Marketing Connoisseur, grew up in Jacksonville (minus 4 years in Virginia getting a degree in Finance from Liberty University) and love almost everything about the real estate business.  I have a tendency to try and do things that people tell me I shouldn’t.  Thus, jumping into the real estate business during the “Great Recession” was a pretty predictable move on my part.  I’ve been Jeff Riber - Jacksonville Business Journalworking as a real estate agent since 2007 (prior to that I was in the mortgage business) and became the broker/owner of ERA Heavener Realty in 2011.  At this point I’m well past 200 closings in my career.  In 2010 I was honored to have been nominated to the Jacksonville Business Journals 40 Under 40 crew.  In addition to real estate, I love traveling with my wife to cool places, hanging out with our little girl and now boy (Anniston and Miles), and playing basketball (even though I’ve lost a step…  Or, two).

Side note, the number at the bottom right is my cell phone. I can’t answer all of the time, but can certainly try. And can assure you that I will return any voice message that you leave – because my business is about helping you accomplish your real estate goals.  Being accessible and acting promptly is an important part of making real estate deals happen.  If email is easier, you can send to: Jeff@ERA.com


I love the people of Jax.  I love the places of Jax.

There’s actually a twitter hashtag you can follow to keep up with those two sentiments #ilovejax

I grew up here.  Have nothing but fond memories from so many different areas and neighborhoods.  The way I try and pay that forward is to help individuals and families navigate their next move tactfully.  And the goal isn’t to just find a house, but to gain an understanding of the marketplace and all of the different components that go into making a wise real estate decision (e.g. financing, negotiations, inspections, repairs, insurance, etc.). It’s like my Dad always told me…  “Give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day…  Teach a man to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”  This blog is about connecting the information, systems and knowledge that I’ve gained in this business, and putting it on to one platform so that you will have the best tools, advice and listing data for making a wise real estate decision.


Trick question.  We serve all areas mentioned above.  So you might find us at a Starbucks at the beach, showing property in Mandarin, or putting a sign in the yard at a new listing in San Marco.  However, if you find the need to send us something in the mail, you can send to:

ERA Heavener Realty
2602 University Blvd. W
Jacksonville, FL 32217


I can trace my interest in real estate back to the mid-90’s.  I remember jumping on a computer at my dad’s office (he used to manage a local ERA company) and somehow gaining access to the MLS when it first was making a move to an internet database.  It allowed me to look at pictures and descriptions of homes for sale.  I thought, wow, this is the most incredible thing!

Someone can get on a computer and find a place to live…  Unbelievable!  

Ever since that day.  I thought real estate was the coolest gig around…